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The Saito Project will rotate liquidity provided on the uniswap pair: 0xdfcf744c8ae896e8631ba9b9dc717546646f6708. The rotation will be executed after UTC 04:00 on 2021–09–09 over several hours.

Liquidity ownership will be migrated from the existing wallet (0x7cef1f635c41e5a80946adac6724532026cc5285) to a multisig vault to improve security and better support future migration to Uniswap V3 and conform with project policy.

The project will move the liquidy over several transactions. Total liquidity in the pool provided by the project should not fall below current levels at any point.



Saito Official

Saito is the open network layer that lets users run blockchain apps in-browser w/o closed plugins, private APIs and non-open infrastructure