Saito partners with StackOS

We are thrilled to announce that Saito has partnered with StackOS in a move that will make it easy for Saito developers to get applications and edge-nodes running.

Using StackOS to rollout Saito edge-nodes will also bring developers higher security, lower costs, simpler scaling and, best of all, greater privacy compared to centralized cloud providers.

On top of all this, StackOS makes it extremely easy to monitor resource usage, and development is streamlined by integrated CI/CD pipelines.

We are proud to be partnering with StackOS to help developers deploy and develop blockchain applications that work in-browser while continuing to grow the wider decentralized ecosystem.

Commenting on the partnership, Richard Parris, Saito co-founder, said: “With Saito’s focus on keeping Web3 open through the whole stack, it’s hard to imagine a better partner than StackOS. I was less than halfway through the demo when I started thinking of ways we might work together.”

“Saito is changing the way blockchain is looked at, adding an interesting economic system in which ISPs and Web3 projects will be incentivized,” said Vishnu Korde, StackOS CEO and Chief Architect. “StackOS is proud to be in this position to let their communities start nodes with a click of a button and secure its network.”

About Saito

Saito is a Web3 Foundation grant recipient that runs blockchain applications directly in your browser. The network pays ISPs instead of miners or stakers, allowing Web3 projects to self-fund infrastructure instead of passing costs to predatory monopolies such as Infura.

Examples of these applications include games, communication tools, social media apps and other data and bandwidth-intensive applications. These applications come with full support for Polkadot and other leading Web3 blockchains.

Telegram | Discord | Website | Demo | Introduction Article

About StackOS

StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol that allows individuals and organizations to share their computing resources and collectively offer a decentralized cloud; where developers around the world can deploy any full-stack application, decentralized app, blockchain privatenets, and mainnet nodes.

Our aim is to provide the world with ‘The Unstoppable Infrastructure Protocol’, which will allow any person across the world to deploy their application without incurring heavy cloud management costs and freely run any application they wish to run.

StackOS has already gained early traction from the market and is soon ready to launch their main net, which comes with various utilities for their STACK token, such as governance and running nodes.

Twitter | Telegram | Demonstration Video | Explainer Video | Website




Saito is the open network layer that lets users run blockchain apps in-browser w/o closed plugins, private APIs and non-open infrastructure

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Saito Official

Saito Official

Saito is the open network layer that lets users run blockchain apps in-browser w/o closed plugins, private APIs and non-open infrastructure

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