Saito Roadmap Update: 26 April 2021

Saito Official
3 min readApr 26, 2021


We are thrilled by the response to last Thursday’s IDO on Polkastarter, and excited to welcome so many new supporters. The team remains as focused as ever on delivering the Saito vision. Here is an update on what is happening.


If you want to build on Saito or contribute to Development then please contact

Our highest development priorities for the next few weeks are as follows:

  • Milestone 1 of the Web3 Development Grant is nearing submission and is currently our top priority on the development front. Once we have hit this milestone, our core Saito applications will be able to connect to a Polkadot API access point to send/receive Polkadot network data. Saito Arcade games such as Poker will be playable with DOT-ecosystem digital assets. This should be complete within the next three weeks. Once done it will enable Saito applications to use Substrate-based Coins including DOT, Kusama, and Westies — thereby allowing Web3 projects to self-fund infrastructure and keep the Open Web open.
  • We’re now hiring and have two positions immediately available for developers. There’s already been a great deal of interest in these roles but we’d like to extend the search for talent to our new community. Our intention is to support a bigger and more decentralized team as fast as possible. Expect to see more announcements in this area soon.
  • Several developers have contacted us about building on Saito. But we would love to hear from more of you. Whether your idea is big or small, please contact us at


  • We are pleased to announce inbound OTC support for those seeking to buy or sell market-moving amounts of SAITO. Contact details for our back-end OTC partner will be released tomorrow (27 April). Those interested in making significantly market-moving orders without massive slippage are also welcome to contact us at anytime.
  • We know there has been curiosity and speculation regarding which of the centralized exchanges will list SAITO. We can confirm that we are in significant discussions with a major exchange and will make an announcement once details can be made public. Until this time, we ask the community not to amplify FUD. And would similarly caution against wild speculation. We will announce news on our channels when finalised.
  • In the meantime, SAITO is available for purchase on Uniswap. We have also been proactively listed by a number of smaller centralized exchanges, including BigOne and Hotbit.


  • We have had a LOT of inbound emails and Telegram messages over the weekend. In order to help us manage all of this, Grace Qi will be stepping up to help us as Community Liaison. If you’ve reached out to us please give us time to get back to you — we will be in touch. If you’d like to help Saito and don’t know how please contact
  • We are delighted to see people independently spreading word about Saito, such as in the community-created SaitoCrypto on Reddit or independent Saito-focused trading group on Telegram. Please continue spreading word. And if you can help organize a meetup or event or online AMA, get in touch. Grace is the best contact. We will provide all the support we can.


  • We have an exciting technology partnership in the works, and will announce details late this week or early next once contracts have been signed.



Saito Official

Saito is the open network layer that lets users run blockchain apps in-browser w/o closed plugins, private APIs and non-open infrastructure