Saito Token Distribution Update

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2 min readOct 22, 2021



This document is a reprinting of information originally published on the Saito Blog.

171,955,463.49 ERC Saito have been distributed to Seed and Private Round Investors. We are glad to get these tokens to our supporters and thank them for their continued contribution to Saito.

No SAITO have been distributed for other reasons since our previous update.
Some liquidity SAITO have been placed in UNISWAP liquidity.

Circulating Supply

Vesting disbursements resulted in an 28% increase in resulting supply.

Some funds remain outstanding from this vesting period. We would kindly remind anyone who has been sent and has yet to respond to a conversion request or confirmation emails that our Terms and Conditions require active response and that distribution may be delayed. We plan to process late responses on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to prevent late submissions from creating an unnecessary processing burden on our admin.

These tokens will be held in the Saito Holding Token Vault and are included in the Circulating Supply calculations.

An update will be provided on token distribution at the next substantive change.

Treasury Safes:

Saito Private Sale Token Vault

Saito Foundation Token Vault

Saito Contributor Token Vault

Saito Holding Token Vault



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